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Orthopaedic Unit
 :: Orthopaedic Unit:

Orthopaedic Clinic existed in Year of 2000 on the hands of Dr.Ayman Mohamed Fahim to be one the most important and of the most busy units in Abu Dhabi Police Medical Services.

Dr.Reema Al Hosani joined in the year of 2004; recently, she finished her Master degree in Sports Medicine, to be one of few females doctors who specialized in U.A.E. in this field. Now she is preparing for her Ph.D.
Dr.Amr Refaat is the third doctor to join the Unit, in the year of 2008, He is an Orthopaedic Specialist. Also, He is preparing for his M.D.
Mr.Fathi Lutfi: who started the unit with Dr.Ayman in 2000, works mainly as Plaster Technician and Knee Clinic Coordinator.
Other than him, The Orthopaedic unit has three Orthopaedic assistants: Mustapha Gouzi (Spine Clinic Coordinator),
Elsie T. Sangalang,
And, Khyrunnisa Thadathi Parambil Ali



 :: The daily practice in the unit includes:

Management of trauma cases: bruises, sprains, and fractures (Application of different casts and splints)

Diagnosis and treatment for bone and joints diseases

 Measuring Bone Densitometry and treating Osteoporotic cases

Assessing the cadets for fitness for job or for training courses.

Documentary evaluation of exemptions given to police Members including their retirement eligibility and medical Board Reports


The unit started two Sub-Specialty Clinics, one for the Knee and the other for the Spine, Awaiting for the sister unit for Sports Medicine.